Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Write Your Vision on Paper!

As a business consultant and entrepreneur, I know what's it like to have a vision of something caught in your head.  At first, you're excited about it because you've discovered something that can contribute to the world being a better place.  Then, you think I want to share my vision with other people who share my values.  Also, you believe that if your vision comes true it will help people and make their lives better.  These are all great feelings to have and they are healthy especially, during the times we live in today.  

You are not alone, there are many people like you who have visions and dreams for a healthier, better, brighter, equally and just society for us all to live in. But what do you think happens to most people's vision? With some people the vision stops right where it their heads and never gets out for people to see.  Then, there are people who clearly, concisely and plainly write their vision down on paper.  The difference between the two are obvious the vision that people never get to see on paper can't be supported or brought into fruition while, the vision that was written down has a better chance of helping people live better lives.

I want to encourage you if, you're reading this to write your vision down on paper, a blog, computer or tablet it doesn't matter what you use.  The details of your vision may not all come to you at once and you may have to wait on a chance to put your thoughts into action.  But, once it's written you can come back to your vision and reflect on it, refine it and over time it becomes a roadmap to a reality much greater than you first imagined.  Once, you've started putting your vision into action, you will have the power to see it through and other people can read your vision and support you.  Now what's stopping you, get to writing!

See you in the future!